Yi Jing Fly

I design and construct:




Yi Jing was intern to Alice Hines at Vestoj, and a graduate of Pratt Institute in Critical and Visual Studies, with a minor in Fashion Design. Her thesis, titled “China Too Cool: Vernacular Innovations andAesthetic Discontinuity of China,” explores the cultural phenomena of appropriation through affirmative irony, and proposes a lens through which we can consider with nuance cultural productions “Made in China.”

She was born in Shanghai, China, grew up in Singapore, and later fell in love with the aesthetics and cultures of Japan. All three places and cultures have deep importance in her heart and influence the kinds of questions she wishes to explore with her work.

She is interested in the peculiarities of everyday life, and seeks to bring attention to the ordinary through photography and prose. She also has a radio podcast, conducted in Mandarin Chinese, where she explores topics of design, urbanization, cities, art…and also just share good music with listeners.

At the end of the day, she believes it is about perceiving and internalizing the world around us. 


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